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What is a mental health coach?

Have you ever heard of a life coach? A life coach is someone who helps you clarify your goals in life, brings awareness to the obstacles that are standing in the way of reaching those goals, and helps you strategize ways to overcome those obstacles in order to reach your desired outcome.

Life coaches come with many different specialties and niches.

My education has been centered around psychology and spirituality along with personal development and mindset work. Led by a clinical psychologist, I've been educated on human behavior, trauma, attachment, and different psychotherapy techniques.

While a psychologist works with the past and the present, a coach works toward the future.

As one of my mentors says, "A psychologist gets you functional, while a coach gets you elevated." I believe both aspects are extremely important and valuable in reaching a life of full potential.

As a mental health coach, I apply the same principles of a life coach while also focusing on mental well-being; combining the mind, body, and soul which are all interconnected.

Similar to therapists, I listen intently and provide support while also bringing insight into underlying issues that may be preventing my clients from overcoming their obstacles, keeping them from their desired outcome. These obstacles are usually if not always accompanied by limiting beliefs that are rooted in past experiences, childhood, or trauma. I believe in the importance of challenging self-limiting beliefs with self-compassion and acceptance. Bringing awareness and addressing the root of the issue is crucial in order to release identities and patterns that are no longer of service in our lives. We can then replace the old patterns with new ones. Patterns that support a life that is aligned with our values, with who we truly are, and where we want to be. This is where we find inner peace and freedom. True rest within.

Being still and present in our every day gives us the opportunity to live intentionally, which can lead to a life of true fulfillment. As a coach, I guide my clients in finding rest within themselves and confidence in pursuing the life they truly desire.

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