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The Contrast

The contrast always surprises me. Stepping out of the airport in Gothenburg I hardly hear a thing but the quick footsteps of travelers rolling their bags towards their cars. It's quiet and still. Cloudy and cold. It's winter, and the hustle and bustle has gone to bed. This side of the world is in hibernation. Winter is not usually something I look forward to but the stillness this season brings has become a necessity for me and something I've learned to appreciate.

While summer is the time for action, new ideas, lots to experience and do, winter is a time to rest, reflect, and replenish until springtime begins again.

Coming from Miami, hustle and bustle is just the way of life, it's sunny all year, and that "summer feeling" never really ends. When I visit, I tend to jam-pack my schedule and make time for all the friends and family I miss while I'm in Sweden. This fills my social cup and the longing I've had to be together and just help out in ways I can't while I'm away. That "summer" energy buzzes through me. But, I don't usually make time to enjoy rest or seek stillness. I find myself overlooking it because there is so much to do in so little time! I have to get a little better at that but aren´t we all guilty of this?

Not making the time for ourselves to just be, rest, and replenish?

By the time I get back home to Sweden, it is something I deeply crave and since we do experience seasons here, it's easier for me to get right into that mode.

On my walk yesterday, I experienced how all of nature is in hibernation right now.

The stillness and quietness of the season allowed me to reflect, pray and just notice my surroundings. I was able to be present and think about what's important to me and what I want to focus on this new month of February.

It also got me thinking about how we were made to live in seasons, no matter our location; to experience the contrast of a busy world and also the quiet and stillness we can find for ourselves. Rest, even in the seasons is a necessity. No matter where we live or how busy life gets, carving out time for stillness in the early mornings or late nights, or whatever time works for you, is life-giving. Without rest in the winter, nature itself doesn't have the energy to come back in full bloom. The same goes for us. Without time to rest and replenish, we can't bloom into who we were created to be; with our gifts and uniqueness: our best selves which overflows into all that we do and the life we are creating.

So what could stillness look like for you? Could you benefit from living in seasons no matter your location?

If you do long to implement this into your daily life but find it overwhelming or just too difficult. Message me and let's book a consult. We´ll do it together!

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